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Types of units

Available at Canal Road Self Storage

units for your needs

Climate controlled

A note about climate-controlled storage in the Golden Isles of Georgia: While it is our goal to provide a consistently controlled environment to protect your items from heat and humidity, Canal Road Self Storage cannot guarantee a consistent level when weather conditions are extreme. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us directly to discuss the items you wish to store and we’ll be happy to advise you regarding the appropriate storage unit.

With the heat and humidity found in coastal Georgia, you will find a climate controlled storage a fantastic value for your valuable items. Climate controlled units manage the temperature to protect your property in the extreme conditions commonly found in your attic or garage. For extra protection of your valuables and peace of mind let us reserve a clean, secure, and climate controlled unit today.

Why You Need Climate Control

You may be asking, “Why do I need climate control?” The answer is simple — if you value what you are storing, climate control is the most effective way to prevent irreversible damage to your belongings. Storing items in a non-climate controlled unit in a muggy, southeast Georgia town like Brunswick is a recipe for disaster.


What is Climate Control?

Climate control is a system that works to control temperature and humidity in your storage unit. Keeping temperatures between 55-80 degrees ensures extreme temperatures do not damage your valuable books, bedding and appliances.

What items may need Climate Control?


Self storage is satisfactory for many common household items. However, climate controlled storage is necessary or recommended for sensitive and valuable items such as antique furniture, electronics, artworks, etc. If you are planning to store valuable items, climate controlled storage is your best solution to combat the coastal climate.


As Glen Huey states in Popular Woodworking Magazine, the cause of wood warping is simple: there is a gain or loss in moisture (water). Wood is highly water absorbent (some types can hold up to 130% their dry weight in water) so when humidity rises, they soak up moisture like a sponge. When humidity levels turn back to normal, moisture leaves the wood and it warps. Prevent woodworking disasters by investing in climate controlled storage units!


Whether you’re moving in to the Brunswick/Golden Isles area or just staying with us for a little while, Canal Road Self Storage has a residential storage space for you.

Households expand with people and items! If you’re finding it hard to fit everything in, give us a call. We can solve your garage overflow problems.

Don’t forget that we have moving supplies, including boxes and packing tape to help get you started. Be sure to check out our storage tips page, too.


Your current business space is serving you best when it is being utilized to make money for your business. So what do you do when you have to find a place to store a little extra inventory or those records that you need to keep for a few more years.

Commercial storage at a self storage facility is the perfect solution. Let us store your extra inventory or seldom used files.  A storage unit for your business needs is an affordable solution!

Whether that’s all year or just a few months each year, our business storage solutions are perfect for:

  • Excess equipment

  • Unused furniture

  • Inventory overflow​​

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